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Bo Leictreach (Electric Cow)

The GreenPlay Festival


New 10-minute green plays from Ireland!


August 15, 16, 17, 2014

Friday & Saturday @ 7pm; Sunday @ 3pm

In May of 2011, Selkie’s Electric Cow GreenPlay Festival, showcasing original 10 minute American green plays, was a hit at the bucolic Ilick's Mill. In September 2011, Selkie traveled to Ireland to co-produce the Bo Leictreach GreenPlay Festival with Jasango Theatre and Birr Theatre & Arts Centre in Co Offaly.  We’re delighted to bring those award-winning Irish green plays back from Birr to the U.S. for Bo Leictreach 2014!


We’ve chosen 6 of the original 13 winning plays for the August festival (we’ll offer the others at Anam Cara in the future!).  Plays & playwrights for August 15-17 are:


Overheard in the Bar of Dooley’s Hotel, Birr by Lorca Gitano

Draw A Line in the Water by Patrick Collins & John O’Dowd

That Old Chestnut by Anna de Suin, Dave Fahy, Jenny Coughlan and Paul Farrell

Hard Water by Jane McNulty

The Irresistible Attraction of Clonshannon Bog by Stephen Goldsmith

The Mallard by James Johnson


Directing the green plays are: George B. Miller, Jack Armstrong, Pat Kelly, and Virginia Wilson. 


The acting ensemble is: John Corl, Kevin Deely, Pat Kelly, Jeanie Olah, Marcy Hake Repp, Thomas Rush, Peter Sanchez, Kate Scuffle, Jim Vivian, and Brian Welsko. 



Rick Weaver, of Irish band "Piper's Request", will play live for the Friday, August 15 & Sunday, August 17 performances! You can tune in to Rick hosting "Celtic Faire", Thursdays 7-9pm on WDIY 88.1 FM...and check out www.pipersrequest.com!"


Spaces are quite limited, so make reservations ASAP at

theatreselkie@gmail.com or 484-212-1804.  Donation for performance & reception is $15. 


Anam Cara Farm  is located at 2317 Minnich Road in South Whitehall/Allentown, PA, 18104 Map to Anam Cara

(Minnich is off of Cedar Crest Blvd between Troxell School and Parkland High School)

Artists in Unity launch the

Anam Cara Artists Residency Program


Anam Cara was delighted to host Artists in Unity (AIU) this summer as we debuted our  Artists Residency Program.

Lindsay Schaefer recalls her first visit: “From the first time I met Kate and George there was an instant connection.  As you walk into their space at Anam Cara farm, you’re welcomed, and they place the comfort in front of you to share your soul as a deep artist.  I highly recommend Anam Cara for professional  and established artists wanting to create; it is a place that will allow you to just be present with your art, and you r fellow company members of you are traveling as an artistic company.”


The story that AIU is filming is about friendship.  Through storytelling with movement and film, you are introduced to 3 characters that had been bonded by friendship; in one moment, their friendship may have changed and the may have parted ways.  But the memories they all formed as “sisters” will never be forgotten, and that deep bond and playfulness may just lead them back together.


For more about Artists in Unity, see links below.


And enjoy a sample of their newest work-in-progress, filmed at Anam Cara.