Selkie Theatre is dedicated to discovering the new, the original, the provocative, and the powerful in American and world theatre and bringing it home to you.


Selkie's newest creation,  A Moment With Nelle Harper Lee, directed by George B. Miller and featuring actor Elizabeth McDonald, plays Saturday, July 18 at 6pm at the Moravian Book Shop in historic Bethlehem, PA.


In this theatrical conversation, we meet an older Harper Lee, wickedly smart and cantankerous, as she rebuffs an interviewer about her “new” novel.  Realizing she has a rapt audience, Lee relaxes and shares reflections of Monroeville, Alabama; her lawyer father; the journey of writing “To Kill A Mockingbird” and how the fame that came with it changed her life. 


There are colorful stories of Truman Capote, of life on the Hollywood set of the award-winning “Mockingbird” film, and a glimpse into her newly re-discovered novel, “Go Set A Watchman”, published on July 14, 2015.


Before she goes, Harper Lee opens the conversation up to the audience, taking questions - and asking a few herself!  The chat is excitingly improvisational and free-flowing, changing with every performance.


 “A Moment With Nelle Harper Lee” encourages exploration of the themes of “To Kill A Mockingbird”: social justice, racism, memory, family and the role of the artist in public and private life.  It is a fascinating, tour-de-force performance, a powerful and educational experience for students and audiences of all ages. 



A Moment With Nelle Harper Lee

Actor Jack Armstrong also joins Selkie for the Moravian Book Shop show,  with a performance inspired by To Kill A Mockingbird at 5:30; with Miss Harper arriving at 6pm.  


Moravian Book Shop is at 428 Main St. in Bethlehem. Seating is limited. For more info: www.moravianbookshop.com, or 610-866-5481.


To book “A Moment With Nelle Harper Lee” for your school or group, please contact Selkie at 484-241-9591 or at selkietheatre@gmail.com.